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SR2(2) $160each


Mobile Dj an merchant reseller

The Southern Ute Indian tribe should pay out a person like me to work on the laptops given to tribal people on the reservation...someone that does the unexplainable to reset those given laptops to tribal know ownership given an  learn to reset ur own laptop when the time comes to resetting your laptops someone who can show you what to do to make your laptops really fast to be used for everyday work tribal people

a finished war explains proper payment 180,000 x 8dignified men a YEAR of war..for life payment ..GOLD BARS coud be appreciated...results of a good payment given for a proper war... the ending to the LGBQ syndrome an savior to the person an his or her laptop computers...HACKERS  have no chance to mess with anyones laptop forever just a quick reset with out passwords does the trick can wait to sue the tv broadcasting system an movie stars an idiots of dc comics..Spider man an ur witchary of TV....time to get rich big wigs of TV broadcasting...I hate  DC Comics....LGBQsss Syndrome

battle the LGBQ syndrome u have a Walmart at ur city buy cheap laptop use those lighters sold at...dont light the lighter but sunk away the spirit messing with both sides of your head...short/quick spuirts..WHY man created Walmarts.. Put laptop on head. Close eyes see spirit..Sunk away the Spirits. war is stopped for awhile MESSING WITH U...LGBQ syndrome sit in the back of your moms car...there coming from outside .Walking around outside in buildings etc etc ghost spirits

NEW samsung A50 $200 cellphone

$200used laptop/newDDJ

New Lenovo Laptops $300


Combo(sr2$460)(sb3$400) locals ONLY 81122-81137 I'll even Reset if lost password NO problem Laptops $25.00

Laptop Reset 4 password lost $25.00 war laptop failure turn on power ctrl/fn/win/alt/shift/esc/f1/f2=resets laptops back 2 original..dont recycle laptops dont let it beat u not a genius you dont need ur laptop answering ur phone or radio stations Xbox..turn off in SETTINGS...

"SometimesDreams are Wiser than Waking."

Baseball Field

"Dj Syndkut"...


two courts in ONE....3 courts