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Baseball Field

"Dj Syndkut"...

"SometimesDreams are Wiser than Waking."


two courts in ONE....3 courts

get the spirits messing with your head and breathing as you walk around the city spirits attach them selves on your head...use lighters bought from walmart to get the spirits outside and inside buildings...the spirits come off your breathing your left nostril to your left eyeball....the spirits attach to your right eyeball from outside and right half of head. Inside buildings and cars for transportation the spirits come from ouside...use the lighters to sunk away the spirits off your right side of head and body....push button on an off to get the spirits messing with you....spirits are coming from your left nostril to your left eyeball.....Use a bluetooth speaker sold from walmart....keep your right eye open to set on the bluetooth speaker...use the lighter on the side of speaker to get the spirit off your eye....spirits come off your left nostril to your left eye....A bluetooth speaker and lighters used to get the spirit before you get a headache.... even gets the skunk smell off clothes and pets....the lighter is sold in packs of 5 at walmart..and bluetooth speakers....Body sprays work just don't spray the body spray but sunk away the spirits inside house an your bedrooms...if you use the body spray do it in your bedroom keeps the smell from getting around the living room..quick sunk away the bodyspray.

NEW samsung A50(3) $200 cellphone

The Southern Ute Indian tribe should pay out a person like me to work on the laptops given to tribal people on the reservation...someone that does the unexplainable to reset those given laptops to tribal know ownership given an  learn to reset ur own laptop when the time comes to resetting your laptops someone who can show you what to do to make your laptops really fast to be used for everyday work tribal people

a finished war explains proper payment $180,000 x 10 dignified men a YEAR of war..for life payment an 80 GOLD BARS x??? coud be appreciated...results of a good payment given for a proper war... the ending to the QUEEN VICTORIA her LGBQ syndrome June 10th the first Witch hung in the savior to the person an his or her laptop computers...HACKERS  have no chance to mess with anyones laptop forever just a quick reset with out passwords does the trick witchary of MIDDLE EASTERN TV broadcasting system plasma tv's COMPUTERS...I hate  DC Comics....LGBQsss Syndrome use lighter dont light lighter sunk away spirit coming from EYES n outside inside buildings even in CARS...from top of your of CARS...use BODY SPRAYs to sunk away SPIRITS...ill even RESET ur Laptop computer with no passwords....ANTITRUST2001 movie Brian movieStars Artificial Intelligence movie stars.??? fast n furious presents Hobbs n Shaw....over $$$$ CAMBELLS $$$ Wutang Rap Group Middle Eastern TV broadcasting $$$ 1735 Northern England Parliamant $$ Salt TRADING days the River WEAVER was made to bypass the DOCKS security..Kidnapping of People $$ watch movies an tv shows...seems like since the 70's 80's an 90's RACIST tv shows the 70's SHOW..SAVED by the bell...MOVIES. TRAINSPORTING2..the ending to Catholicism an the MISS BELLAz ouch KEISHAssss Boy Girls an the movie RED what you eat...Never eat food thats given to you unless you know who made the food for you ENCHILADAS..spoiiled food an the 666music666...Praying include GOD,Mother Earth,Jesus an the spirit of Jesus...Jesus Christ for all blessings....really...all of his children..Ur CHURCH of SCIENCE(california) has moved in Durango THE RECKONING the movie...your church of SCIENCE...fables an gossip will go down in flames to the CHURCH of CONTENT...Realism is alot better to preach for than fables an hear say of JESUS 7-26-2020.

$100used laptop/$100newDDJ=$200

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Combo(sr2$460)(sb3$400) locals ONLY 81122-81137 I'll even Reset Laptops lost password NO problem  $25.00

Laptop Reset 4 password lost $25.00 war laptop failure turn on power ctrl/fn/win/alt/shift/esc/f1/f2=resets laptops back 2 original..dont recycle laptops dont let it beat u not a genius you dont need ur laptop answering ur phone or radio stations Xbox..turn off in SETTINGS...





SR2(2) $160each


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